DORRANCE REESE of Reese Antiques and Appraisals did a fabulous job for us in providing an appraisal of two 1700s Philadelphia side chairs passed down in the family. He was a pleasure to work with and visited the historic house where we had donated the chairs.He consulted with others in the field and provided a thorough report and appraisal based on information he found and sales of comparable chairs. I highly recommend Dorrance to anyone looking to have their antiques appraised.
Ed and Linda Gray, Edgewater, Maryland

For many years I had wondered about the value and history of a Chinese Floorscreen, some of the silver, paintings and coin collection I inherited from my parents.  They were all very different, from different periods,  different artists and unknown makers.  Dorrance tirelessly pursued answers to all of my questions and actually went far beyond my expectations in determining the value of each piece.  The resulting appraisal is over 100 pages long, and is chock full of photographs of the pieces, history and basis for the value of the collection.  I know he consulted other experts for specific pieces and made every extra effort needed to produce this very professional appraisal.  I would absolutely refer him to anyone who is curious about a family heirloom or who needs an appraisal for insurance purposes.
Lydia W., King of Prussia

A number of months ago, Dorrance Reese did an appraisal of objects of value in my entire apartment. That included antiques, furniture, lamps, oriental rugs, china and glassware, screens, mirrors, and any valuable brick-a-brac. Dorrance was extremely organized and, having been in the antique business himself for many years, was quickly able to recognize many objects and furnishings that were important to include in the appraisal. He was extremely thorough, taking notes and many photographs from different angles of everything he included in the final appraisal. He also consulted with a rug specialist about my collection of oriental rugs before he came to any final conclusions. He made numerous visits to my home to make sure he had included everything. In all, his investigations were exhaustive and I knew I was in good hands. The final appraisal was beautifully prepared in a bound book with descriptions, photographs, and estimated fair market value of every piece. It’s 250 pages and contains a disk of the contents.
I cannot recommend Dorrance more highly. He does meticulous, detailed, well-researched and professional work.
Evelyn A., Philadelphia, PA

"When you are fortunate enough to have inherited wonderful old silver, it is important to know exactly what you have so you can insure the most valuable pieces properly.  Dorrance Reese is the best person for the job as he takes time and care with every client and every piece!"
Katherine J. , Haverford, PA

I am very happy that I hired Dorrance Reese to do an appraisal of some family silver I owned. Dorrance started out by really explaining my options very carefully, of the type of appraisal I could have and the costs. Dorrance knows a lot already but he was clear where he needed more information. He was extremely thorough in his research. He took photographs of everything, at my home, so the silver never left the house. The report he wrote is very substantial, well documented information that is necessary for insurance purposes.
Dorrance kept in close touch with me during the process, which was not speedy but it was thorough. An additional benefit is that Dorrance really enjoys the job and appreciates the beauty of old silver.
Frannie S., Philadelphia, PA

It is a pleasure for me to write a recommendation on behalf of Mr. Dorrance Reese. Mr. Reese was recommended to me by a well known silver appraiser in Philadelphia. My wife and I inherited a significant number of antique items including silver, brass, ceramics, dinner plates,porcelain, toys and ironware. Many of these items were quite obscure. Mr. Reese did an incredible job of researching them and getting assistance from other experts.He put together a very detailed description of each object with both the replacement value and the fair market value. He also took pictures of all of the items to include in the final 106 page document. This will allow us to distribute all of the items to our children in a responsible manner.
Mr. Reese was also a joy to work with on this project. He understood our needs completely and did a difficult job in an exemplary manner. We would recommend him to anyone who is in our circumstance.
Tim B., Newark, DE.